About Our Chapter

About Our Chapter

“Discover the changemaker in you” あなたの中にチェンジメーカーを見出してほしい。それがOsaka+Acumenが目指す世界です。社会起業家にスポットが当たって以来、日本では働き方や生き方の再定義が絶えず問われてきました。一人一人が内省し、属するコミュニティーでそのアイデンティティーと役割を見出した時、誰もがチェンジメーカーとして価値ある貢献をできる世界が広がると信じています。

Osaka+Acumenはそんなあなたを後押しするコミュニティーです。違う場所にいながら”同じ課題”を共有できる仲間と学び合う +Acumenコース。社会への貢献をいかに”測る”か、自分や事業のストーリーをいかに伝えるか?自分なりのリーダーシップのスタイルをいかに見出すか。簡単ではない問いと時間をかけて向き合い、手がかりを掴む場所がここにあります。

Acumenは創業以来、社会課題と真摯に向き合い、自らのComfort zoneを外し、時には自らの認識を手放す。そんな歩みを大事にしてきた団体です。Impact Investmentのパイオニアとしての実践、世界中に広がるボランティアチャプターのネットワークは、”次の一歩”に響くヒントで満ちています。互いを歓迎しあいつながりあうOsaka+Acumenのコミュニティーで、あなたの参加をお待ちしています。


“Discover the change-maker in you” this is the world Osaka+Acumen aims for. As social entrepreneurship has found its place in Japan, the definition of work and life has been revisited. Through self-reflection, we are able to discover our identity and our role in communities we belong to. As change-makers we believe we can make valuable contributions to the world.

Osaka+Acumen is the community which supports the change-maker in you. Through +Acumen courses, you will be able to learn with people who tackle the same problems in various locations.

How do you measure your impact on society?

How do you share your personal story to others and to businesses?

How do you discover your personal style of leadership?

Osaka+Acumen is the place to find your answers.

Since being established, Acumen continues to face social issues and at times has stepped out of its comfort zone and let go of recognition for its work. As a practicing pioneer of impact investment and with a worldwide network of volunteer chapters, they provide plenty of support for what the “next step” is.

We welcome you to meet with like-minded individuals in the Osaka+Acumen community and we look forward to connecting with you.

Meet the team

Kiho Park

Kiho Park

Co-Founder of DxP (Dream and Possibility), a Education NPO founded in 2010.

Their work targets young individuals currently attending online vocational high school who generally has greater risk of becoming a permanent NEET (Not in education, employment or training) with possible path to poverty. In a society like Japan, where social mobility is low, it is important to provide preventive measure so that fewer students become NEET after graduating from highschool. DxP provide NEET youth relevant social capital, access to role models, opportunities to experience success to regain self confidence.


Derrick Tran

Derrick Tran

Derrick is a personal development coach who has a passion for supporting his private clients to discover new perspectives and make constructive choices to make positive and sustainable impacts in their lives and work. Another passion is bringing people together and making connections that are win-win-win situations.

One way this is achieved, is through PechaKucha Night (PKN). Derrick is a founding member of PKN Hiroshima, Japan and is currently an organizing member of PKN Kyoto, Japan. “Present your passion” is one theme where you can enjoy and be inspired by the presenters as they share their personal experiences in a unique 20×20 format. A win for the presenter, a win for the audience, and a win for the local community.


Takuto Maruyama

Takuto Maruyama

・RELEASE; Management team/ RELEASE; Youth Director
・Impact Hub Kyoto Hosting team
・Doshisha University Faculty of Policy Studies

With colleagues mainly in Kyoto, I co-founded Impact Hub Kyoto, a global platform for social entrepreneurs.
Focusing on social entrepreneurship, I am a member of “RELEASE;”, a practical learning program working with people in a variety of sectors to create ideas worth implementing and put them into practice in a constantly changing society.
I also work aggressively to construct incubation projects in education fields.

Hideki Uragami

Hideki Uragami



Cre-en Inc.

Assistant Manager

Sustainability Communication Group