Osaka+Acumen 1st year anniversary ~ Gathering for acceleration workshop ~

enoco 2nd floor room 8 ( | 2:30pm - 4:30pm

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【Osaka+Acumen Interactive Communication ~Gathering for acceleration vol.1~ のご案内】

国際的な非営利団体Acumenの大阪拠点 Osaka+Acumen。





■場所:enoco2F Room8(
■参加費 社会人1500円 学生1,000円
以下のURL から参加申し込みを行って下さい。

▼【interactive workshop】
・未来の視点から ”自分ごとのアクション” を魅力的に。
・コラボレーションにより、”自分ごとのアクション” を一歩前に進めよう。
16:30 完全撤収


Acumenからの公式認可を受けた上で構成する有志団体が +Acumen (プラスアキュメン)です。


Osaka+Acumen will celebrate our first anniversary as we continue to improve our quality and quantity of activities as we enter our 2nd year this spring.

Through our events, workshops, new interactions, with the support of +Acumen and Acumen, we plan to focus on “the power individual leadership”.

With 24 chapters worldwide and +Acumen’s collaboration, matching, and success stories, we would love the opportunity to support and collaborate with other social enterprises in the Kansai area. With our strengths and the +Acumen platform and resources, we believe we can support you and your purpose for and with Osaka.

Date: Sunday May 31st 2:30pm to 4:30pm (doors open 2:00pm)
Place: enoco 2F Room8 (
Osaka subway Chuo line Awaza station exit 8 150 meters West
Capacity: 20 seats
Fee: 1,500yen (students 1,000yen)
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Event Outline
2:00pm doors open
2:30pm start / introductions
organize your action plan
make your action plan appealing with a focus on the future
through collaboration, take steps forward with your action plan
warm-up and Closing
4:30pm finish

From 6:00pm, please join us to celebrate Osaka+Acumen’s 1st anniversary!

+Acumen chapters are led by individuals who are passionate about supporting Acumen’s mission in changing the way the world tackles poverty. Chapters are working to educate their local community about social enterprise and patient capital, or longer-term financial investments, backed by philanthropy, which emphasizes both social and financial returns. They build community, fundraise and raise awareness for Acumen in a wide variety of creative ways to support Acumen’s mission (=changing the way the world tackles poverty, which will take all of us – an interconnected community of global citizens equipped with the moral leadership needed to meet the complex challenges of our time)
Our chapter is one of 24 +Acumen chapters around the world sharing the principles of patient capital, cultivating an understanding of Acumen’s values, and putting these principles into practice in our community.

+Acumen offers highly motivated individuals the opportunity to lean and play a part in Acumen’s mission to change the way the world tackles poverty, wherever they may be. +Acumen currently includes chapters and courses. Through these initiatives, +Acumen makes Acumen’s work in leadership and the insights from our work in the field available to everyone. +Acumen aims to provide the tools and training for individuals to step up, take action, and lead in order to build a global community of emerging leaders that believe in creating a more inclusive world through the tools of both business and philanthropy. Acumen believes that this will allow all of us to change the way the world is tackling poverty, and ultimately change the future of business and humanity through the collective actions of this extraordinary community.

Tickets + Info

: : : : : English follows Japanese : : : : :   ■定員:20名程度(定員に達し次第、募集を終了致します)
■参加費 社会人1500円 学生1,000円
以下のURL から参加申し込みを行って下さい。   - - - - - -   Capacity: 20 seats
Fee: 1,500yen (students 1,000yen)
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1,500yen (students 1,000yen)